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Glutamate / glutamine metabolism (?) Click title to reach WormFlux pathway page with a table of reactions.

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image/svg+xml gln-L glu-L akg asp-L asn-L 4abut akg sucsal pyr oaa asp-L ala-L asns-1 | asns-2 W07E11.1 gfat-1 | gfat-2 gln-1 | gln-2 | gln-3 |gln-5 | gln-6 glna-1 | glna-2 |glna-3 h2o, atp h, ppi, amp nadh, h nad f6p gam6p h, pi, adp nh4, atp h2o nh4 got-1.2 got-2.1 | got-2.2 gdh-1 gta-1 C32F10.8 h, nh4, nadh h2o, nad h co2 unc-25 succ alh-7 nad, h2o nadh, (2) h glu-L h co2 akg oaa asp-L asp-L 2oxoadp 2oxoadp asp-L mal-L mal-L h2o, nadp h, nh4, nadph CYTOSOL MITOCHONDRIA 4abut Aspartate andasparaginemetabolism Amino sugar andnucleotide sugarmetabolism TCAcycle Tryptophandegradation

image/svg+xml Transportable in both ways Number of pathway connections None 1 2 3 4 > 4 Transportability Enzymatic reaction Multiple transports Transport Reactions Not in iCEL1314 Transportable between cytosoland extracellular space Transportable between cytosoland mitochondria gene Non-enzymatic reaction n/a Metabolites metabolite metabolite Main metabolite Co-reactant metabolite Not in iCEL1314

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